Reseller Discounts

We always strive to keep our store's prices affordable for Muslimahs to maintain their hijab & Islamic dress codes. Hence, we are unable to offer huge discounts to our resellers unlike other stores. However, that has not stopped many enterprising individuals from emailing to sign up to become our resellers, SubhanAllah.





Reseller status

  • Reseller registration is free for first-timers.
  • Reseller status is automatically given to an order of $300 or more.
  • Please maintain a minimum order of 40 pieces of items over a period of 4 consecutive months to keep your reseller status active. Inability to comply will result in a revocation of the reseller status.
  • A fee of S$10 is applicable to re-apply after the reseller status has been revoked.


  • Our recommended retail price is stated in the product listing that is on our online store.
  • We leave our resellers to their own discretion in pricing their products for their customers. However, we do hope that you will also consider that we aim to help Muslimahs don the hijab easily and affordably.

Order and delivery

  • Orders can be placed through our online store or via email at
  • For orders placed through our online store, please ensure that you have keyed-in your Reseller ID code at the discount box to receive the discounted price for resellers.
  • Resellers are responsible for the delivery cost and safe receipt of the orders for their own customers.

Stock availability

  • Resellers can either email or send a  SMS/ whatsapp message to us to check stock availability
  • Alternatively, you can also check for availability of stock by adding to cart the desired quantity of product at our online store. If there is insufficient stock, the online store will prompt you that the quantity requested is unavailable.

Returns and refunds

  • Resellers are strongly encouraged to check their orders upon receiving it from us as well as prior to sending them out to customers to minimise the occurrence of returns or refunds.
  • Please contact our sales team within 3 working days of receipt to request for an exchange of a faulty or damaged product
  • We will refund resellers the price that has been paid to us in the event that the item is out of stock
  • Resellers are responsible for any refunds or returns by their customers
Use of photographs
  • Only registered resellers with an active account with us are given permission to use the pictures from our site for promoting their sale.
  • Legal action will be taken against any individuals or organizations for the misuse of our product photos or logo. 

How to sign-up

  • Please ensure that you have understood the terms and conditions before applying for the reseller status. If you require any clarifications, please email
  • By signing up as our reseller, you are deemed to have understood and agreed to the terms and conditions listed above.





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