Hijab for reverts

With our customers continued support, we have been privileged to be given the opportunity to serve other Muslims who are in need, Alhamdulillah. We participate in hijab and Muslim apparel donation drives locally and internationally. 

The Donate a Hijab Program






Hijab for new reverts

 We used to offer $1 hijabs for new reverts. The hijabs sent to these new reverts were randomly picked from either the brand new items sent in by donors or from our own store. We realized that our dear reverts may have a preferred hijab of choice but were unable to choose.


Muslimahs Covered with Care


Hence, the Modest Muslimah Online team decided to take a step towards improving this offer of hijab for new reverts by introducing an e-voucher which will enable to order their preferred hijabs from our online store while paying with the e-voucher. This is offered through the submission of inspirational stories for hijabis where the team will send a $20 e-voucher for new reverts to spend at when their stories are featured here. Submission of inspirational stories are also open to those who are born Muslims (not new reverts)


Please let your new revert friends know of this offer especially if they are having difficulty getting one and living in a non-Muslim country.

Jazakallah khol khayr for your continued support.




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