Hashtag #OurHIjabJourney on your instagram posts and be featured!

Do you have an instagram account? If yes, get excited!
Our online store's product pages now allows customers to post their pics to show other viewers how the product looks like in real life setting. We hope this will be useful for other customers who are not very sure how to wear it or would like to see how practical hijabing can be in different settings.


  1. Login to your own instagram account
  2. Upload a photo of you wearing our product. You may edit your photos if you prefer not to show your face.
  3. Add your own comments and don't forget to put the hashtag #OurHIjabJourney before you post your instagram update (eg. Here's me in my Fatimah khimar. Come share with us on #ourhijabjourney too )
  4. Our online store's system will sync with instagram at midnight everyday to get your photos before they appear on the product's page.

We hope you photos will help a lot of other customers make their purchase decisions when shopping for the item. You are after all an important testimony of our work and service.



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