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Making our customers smile is very important to us at Modest Muslimah Online. It also serves as a point of motivation that drives our team to give their best and continue making more customers smile. Help us understand our strengths and areas for improvement to serve you better.

Leave us a feedback if we made you smile upon receiving your order or if you feel that we could have done better to get that smile from you :).

We have also been privileged to serve customers on eBay. Read our eBay buyers’ feedback

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  • Assalammulaikum,Ukhti Nour.

    I’ve just received my niqab yesterday, it is beautiful! I can’t wait to see more of your new product and i will surely buy again from you. Hope to see more choice for niqab and Abaya. Thanks for the free gift!

    Jazakillah Khairan.

    Dian on

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