Testimonial (Facebook page) - Allstine Shah

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  Jazakillah khayr for giving us this opportunity to be a part of your hijab journey! Wallahi, when we started Modest Muslimah Online, we wanted to make hijab-ing easy and affordable for our sisters and would-be-sisters in Islam, while at the same time sustaining ourselves & families. We hope to continue to do this for as long as we can, inshaAllah.    

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Testimonial (Facebook page) - HarJa OLs

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Here's a message from one of our returning customers HarJa OLs who bought the Fatimah hijab/khimar. To HarJa OLs, please look out for a little gift from us in your new order :)

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Testimonial from Ms Nizah - 11 March 2013

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Making our customers smile is very important to us at Modest Muslimah Online. It also serves as a point of motivation that drives our team to give their best and continue making more customers smile. Help us understand our strengths and areas for improvement to serve you better. Leave us a feedback if we made you smile upon receiving your order or if you feel that we could have done better to get that smile from you :). We have also been privileged to serve customers on eBay. Read our eBay buyers’ feedback

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