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Inspire other women who are considering their journey into Islam with your personal stories. We welcome stories from our Muslim brothers & sisters and new reverts/converts.

These stories could be about one of the following:

    1. being married to a revert/convert
    2. family's acceptance or challenges
    3. your adjustments or coping with lifestyle changes as a new revert
    4. any other stories that you feel will encourage those who are hesitant and still contemplating their move to becoming a Muslimah

      Send your stories to with the following details:

      1. Title of your story 
      2. Your story of at least 300 words (it will be subjected to editing)
      3. Your name (you may include a pseudo if your prefer not to reveal your own name)
      4. Your country of residence
      5. Your age
      6. How long you have been a Muslim

      Our editorial team will contact you via email to send you the SG$20 e-voucher as a token of appreciation for your story. This e-voucher is valid for one-time use only at our online store.



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