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Hijab-ing is a very personal journey

The experience will differ from person to person based on the family support, lifestyle, culture and country one is from. However, what should remain the same will be the reason you decide to hijab in the first place - for the sake of Allah. We will try to assist you, inshaAllah, with some consolidated experiences by members of our Modest Muslimah Online team who started hijabing at different points in their lives. We recommend that you seek advise from your local imams or Muslim scholars in your locality for a more detailed answer on your hijab queries.


Preparation for Hijab

1. Mental  Preparation

Psyche yourself for the challenges that will come when you start hijab-ing. Not everyone of us are mentally strong enough to withstand some of these challenges. Be prepared that your hijab-ing decision may affect your lifestyle, family, work, how colleagues perceive or treat you or how your friends will behave around you. Hence, if you feel you need it but do not have the kind of home or family environment that will support you, get to know beginner hijabis in your area or join a new hijabi support group (let us know if you would like us to start one for you) for that emotional and mental support. We know there are many beginner hijabi support groups or fanpages on Facebook alone. Alternatively, start one among your own new hijabi friends that you have made at the local masjid and touch base regularly to keep each other motivated.


2. Spiritual preparation

You cannot rely on external support of your beginner hijabi groups forever because hijab-ing is afterall a choice you have made to attain the pleasure of Allah. Build your spiritual self by developing a deeper understanding of what hijab really is. Read up and research about hijab in the Quran & hadeeth. Understand why you are doing this and why Islam calls for it. Hijab is for both men and women in Islam but in different forms. Hijab is not a mere headcover and modest wear alone. It encompasses many other aspects.


3. Physical preparation

Most of the physical preparation will probably involve a change in your wardrobe style.If you already have some of the following items, great! But if you don't, perhaps you would like to buy them at low cost stores near you. In case, you do not know, Modest Muslimah Online also offers US$20 e-voucher for new hijabis to spend at our online store if you send us your Inspirational Stories to inspire other hijabis like yourself.

Basic wardrobe staple for a hijabi:

(a) Long sleeved dress

- The dress should be loose fitting and not those that accentuate your curves. Hence, ensure that the sizing is not only right for you but the dress is not form fitting. Certain fabrics cling to the body like a second skin and accentuate the shape of our body which then defeats the purpose of hijab-ing.

 - Look up abaya online for examples of loose fitting dresses. It doesn't have to be a black dress.

(b) Wide leg trousers and long sleeved loose fitting blouse

 - If your nature of work requires a lot of movement, a dress may not be very ideal for safety purpose as well. Consider a pair of wide leg trousers (again, it should not be form fitting like skinny jeans) and loose fitting blouse that hangs down to around your knee length.

(c) Hijab (head scarf)

 - There are many different ways to wear the hijab and youtube displays a large variety of tutorials for you to refer to. However, we normally suggest the use of the slip-on hijabs (Ameerahs, Syrian styles) which is fuss free and requires no pins for beginner hijabis. Just slip your face through the hole and let the rest of the hijab hang down.

- There will be many different hijab styles or 'trends' that are popular out there but may not necessarily meet the criteria of hijab-ing. Hence, be discerning when choosing the hijab styles you wish to adopt. Remember, if you dress for Allah's sake, you'll never go out of style.



This concludes our first basic hijab essentials entry. If you feel there are things we should improve or include that will be useful for hijabis, leave us a comment or email us at :


May the hijab journey be a smooth & blessed one for all of us, inshaAllah.

Jazakumullah khayran for your support.

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