Hijab-ing 101 -An introduction

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Mabrook (congratulations) on your decision to don the hijab! I'd give you a hug right now if I could but I guess you'd just have to settle for a virtual one here *HUGS*

Alhamdulillah, Allah has granted you the hidayah and opened your heart to accept a way of life that is amazing in so many ways. The journey will not be easy for some but Allah has promised us that it is worth it.

There has never really been a fixed pattern for the Islamic women's dress. To recommend a stereotypical uniform that all Muslim women should abide by, all over the world, since the time of revelation till the present time is not reasonable! That is because what may suit a woman in my warm and humid region may not suit a woman who lives way up north in let's say - North Pole. Muslims live in all kinds of climates. What may suit a sister who seldom gets out of her house does not suit a sister who goes out to work. Nevertheless, it is useful to keep in mind the criteria of hijab-ing correctly when selecting what to wear.

The term HIJAb itself does not apply only to women but also to men. However, what is deemed as hijab for women differs from what is required of men. To read more about the definition of hijab, please refer to our earlier post here.


We will be introducing a section called Hijab-ing 101 where we will share how some new hijabis cope, quick hijab styling, caring for your scalp's health and more, inshaAllah. We will also put up articles from our readers here. 

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