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Tutorial for Fatimah Khimar/Hijab cum telekung- Hooded-like layer look

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Our hijab/khimar from the Fatimah collection are versatile for everyday use and solat. It comes in one length draping beyond the waist but with a bit of creativity, 2 pins and a brooch, you can also style it to your preferred length while still maintaining full coverage. Please use the picture guide seen above to achieve one of the possible styles - The hooded-like layer look. Send us pictures of the creative ways you have adapted this khimar for your everyday wear at We will blur the facial features of Muslimahs in photos uploaded on our website.

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What is hijab? (adapted from various sources)

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Definition of HIJAB Hijab in Arabic means “barrier” or “screen” and thus it appears in various Quranic verses, referring to many things besides the woman’s head cover.The religious code that the interaction between males and female. The laws of hijaab are not restricted to women alone. Men must abide by the laws of hijaab too. The detailed laws of hijaab include the levels of interaction that are permissible or forbidden between the different categories of males and females, the type of attire that one must adopt, the degrees of permissibility for a woman to leave the precincts of her home,...

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